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Domingo 18 Agosto
Monday 19 August
Building sustainable food systems
Improving links between agricultural systems analysis and food security outcomes
Participatory action-research approaches to build sustainable agricultural systems
Supporting transitions towards agro-ecological systems
New modelling methods to help address current farm system issues
Tuesday 20 August
Farming systems design methods 1
Strategies to reduce environmental impacts of agricultural systems
Modelling animal and mixed farm systems
Biological diversification to build sustainable farming systems
Farming systems design methods 2
Evaluation design and development of mixed-farming systems
Co-innovation and co-design of sustainable cropping and farming systems
The relevance of social drivers in agricultural systems change
Methods for sustainability assessment of agricultural systems
Applications of whole-farm modeling
Ecological intensification of livestock production systems
Identifying policy intervention options and actions towards sustainable food systems
Applications of farm typologies
Estimating and explaining yield gaps
Methods to evaluate and strategies to reduce risks